Client Projects

The Client Projects section of my portfolio displays a selection of projects that I have worked on for various clients, some of which are already completed and others that are still in development. These projects represent my ability to collaborate effectively with clients, understand their unique needs, and deliver solutions that meet their goals. Each project showcases my technical skills, attention to detail, and commitment to producing high-quality work. Whether a project is complete or still in progress, I am passionate about delivering exceptional results that exceed my clients' expectations.

Status: Live


HTML CSS Javascript Python SQLite

This is the website of content creator Neko45 where he promotes his different social media accounts, promotes his latest videos, shares his base dupes and accepts paid work.

Status: Live

Nurten Counselling  

HTML CSS Javascript React NextJS Stripe

Nurten is a freelance counsellor and this is the website she uses to offer her services to the world.

Status: Under Development

Savage At Nutrition  

Wordpress Divi

Savageatnutrition is a small business that offers health and nutrition support.

Status: Remake Coming

Ankara Grill  

HTML CSS Javascript TailwindCSS Alpine Liquid Shopify

I have not created this site, however I am currently completely remaking it using Shopify and a custom theme I have created. This will allow Ankara Grill to sell their food online for both pickup and delivery.